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Walmart apologizes for 'ugly Christmas sweater' shows Santa with three lines...and a bit of "snow"

  • The retail giant may have gone too far with the popular 'ugly Christmas sweater' gift option when it allowed a line of adult-only sweaters to appear online

  • The sweaters included a smiling Santa seated in front of three lines of an unidentified, white power while holding what appears to be a straw

  • The sweater includes the words 'Let it snow', and a description for the clothing goes even further to suggest St. Nick is ready to do illegal drugs for the holidays Walmart pulled the sweater an others from its Candian website where they were being sold after images of the risque holiday ware went viral 

  • The sweaters included  Santa climbing up a chimney with a burning fireplace under his bare-bottom and the words, 'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire', 

  • Another sweater has 'naughty' St. Nick getting whipped by a white-haired dominatrix in red, presumably Mrs. Clause

Walmart tested the boundaries of the 'ugly Christmas sweater' with an adult-only line of clothing that may have gone too far by featuring Santa Claus about to do illegal drugs.

The retail giant was selling, under its online options for 'ugly Christmas sweaters' on its website in Canada, a blue, knit item with a smiling Santa seated before three lines of a powdery white substance, what appears to be a straw in his hand and the words, 'LET IT SNOW', in all capital letters.

Walmart pulled the sweater and others with Santa in uncompromising and sometimes sexually-suggestive positions, after the images were spotted by potential customers and were posted on social media, Global News reports.

The retailer acknowledged through a spokesperson that the sweaters 'do not represent Walmart's values and blamed a third-party seller for why they ended up online, reports Global News. 

Jason John, who goes by the handle @HurrbaSousJohn, flagged the Santa 'snow' sweater on Twitter.

'Yall. Look at this description for this Christmas sweater he wrote in a post that includes a screen capture of the sweater's page on Walmart's Canadian website. 

The 'exclusive' holiday garb which is simply supposed to be ugly goes much further with cringe-worthy language in the description that says Santa is calling for 'a Colombian snow', and that 'he packs it in perfect lines on his coffee table and then takes a big whiff to smell the high-quality aroma of the snow'.

'It's exactly what he needs to get inspired for Christmas Eve', the wording continues. 

'This Men's Let it, Snow Ugly Christmas Sweater captures that moment when Santa is finally ready to enjoy the sweet, imported snow,' the site adds about the 'novelty' clothing which did give some a laugh.

'This is the best ugly Christmas sweater copy ever written', Zorina Baksh tweeted, with Walmart's hashtags in the post to get the retailer's attention.  

Other 'ugly sweaters' that were pulled featured St. Nick in compromising positions, including him, climbing a chimney with his bare buttocks hanging over a burning fireplace and the words, 'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire'.

There also was a sweater with Santa, again bearing his behind, strapped to a table and about to be examined by an alien holding a 'probe'. 

Another sweater has a 'naughty' St. Nick being whipped by a white-haired dominatrix dressed in red, which presumably is supposed to be Mrs. Claus. 

One of the ugly Christmas sweaters displayed on Walmart's website in Canada featured Santa strapped to a table, bearing his buttocks, with an alien holding a 'probe' ready to start an examination of the jolly elf

The items, made by different manufacturers, are still available on other sites.  

It was unclear what threshold of 'ugly' Walmart uses for choosing sweaters that still are reflected within its 'value' set. 

One ugly Christmas sweater featuring Santa seated on a toilet seat was being sold for about $37 on its website in the US.

A spokesman for the retailer declined to comment when reached out.

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