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Kamala Harris Says ‘We Need To Legalize Marijuana’ For First Time Since Joining Biden Ticket, Signaling Potential Shift Ahead Of Election

Vice President Kamala Harris, for the first time since joining President Joe Biden's ticket in 2020, has publicly called for the legalization of marijuana. In a meeting with cannabis pardon recipients at the White House, Harris stated, "we need to legalize marijuana." This marks a potential shift in the administration's stance leading up to the November elections.

Harris, who previously sponsored a marijuana legalization bill as a U.S. senator, has refrained from openly advocating for broad reform since becoming vice president. However, her recent remarks signal a return to her earlier stance on the issue.

During the closed-door meeting, Harris emphasized the need to end federal cannabis prohibition, a move applauded by advocates present. This shift in rhetoric aligns with Harris's history of supporting marijuana reform efforts.

While the Biden administration has not fully embraced federal legalization, Harris's call for action indicates a willingness to engage with the issue. The administration has focused on ending the incarceration of individuals for marijuana-related offenses and providing pardons for certain cases.

The meeting also underscored the administration's commitment to engaging on cannabis policy consistently. While the president's position on federal legalization remains unchanged, recent actions, including pardons for cannabis possession offenses and a directive to review marijuana scheduling, indicate a willingness to address the issue.

Harris's advocacy for legalization comes amid growing bipartisan support for cannabis reform and highlights the administration's efforts to appeal to voters, particularly young voters, ahead of the upcoming election.

While the timeline for DEA action on rescheduling marijuana remains uncertain, the administration's push for reform signals a potential shift in federal cannabis policy. Despite challenges and differing opinions within the administration and among lawmakers, Harris's call for legalization reflects a broader movement towards cannabis reform at the federal level.

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