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This Oregon Dispensary Delivers Both Pot and Pizza to Hungry Customers

With most Oregonians stuck at home in quarantine, Marie Jane's cannabis and pizza combo has become one of the state’s most sought-after delivery orders.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to keep most Americans confined to their homes, few industries have been hit harder than retail and restaurants. Cannabis dispensaries in most states are allowed to continue operating due to their “essential” status, but restaurants are scrambling to stay open with pick-up and delivery orders. One Oregon business is offering local residents the best of both worlds, however: Weed and pizza together, delivered to your door on demand.

According to the Corvallis Gazette-Times, Marie Jane’s Cannabis Connection dispensary may be the first pot shop in the nation to combine marijuana and marinara. In February, the dispensary opened its slice and pie shop in a storefront next door to its cannabis retail location, but it has gained immense popularity in the month or so since the coronavirus pandemic started. 

“Since COVID-19, it has really skyrocketed. Everybody’s home and delivery’s such a hot commodity. I offer it, and it just took off,” dispensary and pizzeria owner Christina Jancila told the Gazette-Times. “There’s no better marriage than pot and pizza. That marriage is so old, and nobody has capitalized on that.”

In accordance with state law, Marie Jane’s pizzas do not contain any cannabis. But if you’re looking for a combo, Jancila and her team are offering a “Pot Luck” special that includes both an eighth of weed and a large two-topping pizza. And if you want to pick up a pizza without the greenery, you can still call for delivery or curbside pick-up, but be prepared to show a valid 21 or older ID if you want to actually enter the storefront. 

“I would say just 20 percent [of orders] are just pizza by itself,” Jancila said, noting that she is looking into expanding the pizzeria and adding seating once the health crisis has passed. “I’ve overgrown this space and it’s time to make pot and pizza orders more efficient.”

So if you’re in Corvallis, Oregon doing your best to limit exposure to the outside world, kill two birds while you get stoned and call up Marie Jane’s. The company’s new slogan is even perfectly tailored for these tumultuous times: “We may give you the munchies, but we also provide the pizza.”

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