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Thieves targeted cannabis in what could be the largest pot theft in Portland history.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- An Oregon cannabis company was the target of a million-dollar marijuana heist that was caught on camera.

Company leaders were waiting to see whether their insurance company would cover the financial loss from the theft. Meanwhile, the company offered a reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the thieves.

It might have been the largest marijuana theft in Portland's history. It happened in late October at the Southeast Portland office of Shadowbox Farms.

"They did a two-day operation where they came in and cut through the bars, dropped a ladder, and went to town," said Tim Winner, president of Shadowbox Farms.

The cannabis company process and packages products sourced from their Southern Oregon grow operation.

Winner said the thieves got in through a skylight and cut through steel bars below.

"Oh yeah, they knew what they were doing," said Winner. "They were pros."

The video showed after the thieves got in, one of them stacked boxes in order to disable the surveillance camera mounted high on a wall, but that camera got a close look at him before going dark. Other cameras were rolling while at least two thieves passed products up a ladder to the roof.

Winner said they were after cannabis oil -- liquid gold, with a single jar worth about $3,000. Their cooler, which used to be full of the stuff, was emptied.

"423 pounds," said Winner. "It's so valuable because of the amount of product it takes to make it."

Also stolen were dozens of 10-pound bags, each of them worth about $10,000 a pop. It came from their first harvest of 2019, known in the industry as "Croptober."

"We had it all pre-sold, so that was bad," said Winner.

All in all, Winner said the lost product added up to about $1 million.

"I'm sure that it's been taken over to the East Coast, and probably, I'm sure that they've...they've liquidated it," said Winner.

They got away with a whole lot more.

"The money, we'll recover from, and we'll do OK, but the security, and the sense of security, I don't know we'll ever get that back," said Winner.

Winner said he believes whoever did it likely had inside knowledge of their operations. He said he was hopeful they would be caught -- and soon.

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