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Pennsylvania lawmakers consider bill to legalize recreational marijuana


Pennsylvania legislators are once again considering a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana for adults.

Lawmakers have failed to pass other recreational marijuana bills, but this latest attempt, HB 2050, has some changes.

What's in the recreational marijuana bill?

  • Growers and processors of marijuana would have to contract with an independent lab to test marijuana at multiple points before sale.

  • The bill includes help for people who live in marginalized communities that have been negatively affected by aggressive marijuana enforcement by getting them involved in the cannabis industry.

  • There is a "clean slate" provision in the marijuana bill. That would help Pennsylvanians who are currently imprisoned on marijuana offenses.

  • Additionally, people who were convicted of crimes under the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act of 1972 would have their records expunged.

"If somebody has narrowly been convicted and serving time for possession of modest amounts of cannabis, you know. They believe that they ought to be released," said Rep. Dan Frankel (D) 23rd District.

Gov. Tom Wolf has signaled his support for legalizing recreational marijuana broadly.

The lawmakers behind this latest legalization bill held a news conference about it Tuesday at noon.

If passed, Pennsylvania would join 16 other states that have legalized adult-use recreational marijuana.

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