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NFL Player Duron Harmon Arrested For Trying to Travel With Weed

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How will the league deal with Duron Harmons recent arrest?

One of the New England Patriots’ breakout stars of 2017 appears to have gotten himself into a less-than-desirable legal situation over the weekend. Duron Harmon, who enjoyed a career year at free safety last season for the Pats, was arrested in Costa Rica on Friday after the defensive back attempted to enter the nation with a sizable amount of weed hidden within the confines of his luggage.

Duron Harmon Arrested

According to a report by the Costa Rican Star, Harmon attempted to enter Costa Rica with a variety of cannabis products, including 58 grams (or just over two ounces) of weed stuffed inside a can of iced tea, three pipes filled with cannabis oil, an edible, and  four containers of compressed marijuana weighing approximately 4.3 grams.Harmon, who had originally flown out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida was detained by country officials before being sent back to the United States.Irving Malespin, the director of the Fiscal Control Police, confirmed Harmon’s arrest and ensuing deportation in a statement.

“This involved a professional NFL player, who tried to come into the country carrying marijuana,” said Malespin. “He has sent back to US territory. It is important to highlight the work of different police bodies, who carry out important operations in different areas of the country. We want to prevent undesirable people from entering the country.”

The 27-year-old Harmon had his best season as a pro in 2017, playing in all 16 contests and finishing the year with 23 combined tackles, four interceptions and seven pass deflections from the free safety position. He was originally drafted in the third round of the 2013 NFL draft and has played all of his five seasons of professional football with the New England Patriots.Following the incident, Harmon took to Instagram to release a heartfelt apology to his fans, family, and the New England Patriots organization.

“Friday does not represent who I am or the person I strive to be,” Harmon said.“I am committed to doing everything within my power to regain the trust and respect of everyone who believes in me as an athlete, role model, person and friend. I appreciate your understanding  and, once again, I apologize with all my heart.”

Final Hit: NFL Player Duron Harmon Arrested For Trying to Travel With Weed

While Harmon has appeared to avoid any lingering legal issues, his in-season status remains up-in-the-air. The NFL is known to have stringent penalties when it comes to player marijuana usage, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Roger Goodell decided upon a lengthy suspension for Harmon.

He, has, of course, admonished players for marijuana usage in the past, and has falsely claimed the plant to be both dangerous and addictive.The Patriots organization itself has also proven to be no-nonsense when it comes to their players smoking the herb.

It was rumored that the real reason former Pats’ defensive back Malcolm Butler was benched in the Super Bowl was due to his alleged marijuana use, but that has yet to be confirmed by Head Coach Bill Belichick, or even Butler himself.

The Patriots also released a statement confirming their awareness of the matter, and that they will continue to assess the situation when more details become available.“We are aware of the situation involving Duron Harmon Friday night in Costa Rica,” the Patriots said in a statement.

“He has since returned to the U.S. and we are seeking to gain more information. At this time, we have no further update.”

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