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Netherlands considering marijuana ban for tourists

The Netherlands might ban tourists from visiting coffee shops, which have permission to publicly sell hemp and its produce. The proposal was made by one of the country's political coalitions, the Moscow News Agency reports referring to the Association of Russian Tour Operators.

It is noted that politicians intend to thus get rid of the country’s image as the place where you can take drugs and have fun. Currently, tourists in such establishments are tolerated for fear that they might begin to buy the product of interest from street vendors.

Some coffeeshop owners in certain regions of the country have already introduced restrictions. “The practice has proved to be successful,” the report emphasizes. Control over the ban enforcement will be carried out by checking visitors' identity cards. The government will announce the final decision on the issue before the end of this year.

Marijuana is legal in the Netherlands and its use is considered a health-related issue rather than a crime.

On February 17, it was reported that Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema called for reform of the famous Red Light District, the urban area where the sex industry flourishes. She stated that turning prostitution into a tourist attraction is humiliating and unacceptable.

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