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Mexico's Cannabis Industry Soon Could Be Fertile Ground

Mexico is fertile ground for cannabis cultivation because of the country's terrain and climate. However, Mexico's rules on investing in the industry have stifled the growth it would have otherwise experienced, according to Cannabis One CEO Jeff Mascio.

The last time TheStreet spoke with Mascio he identified three areas in which the Mexican government was stifling growth in the industry.

  • 20% cap on foreign investment stakes

  • Branding regulations

  • Vertical Integration laws

“They were ignoring all of the successes and failures that we’ve seen in throughout the entire U.S. and Canada. We’ve made decent progress in what we want to accomplish and more,” Mascio said.

Mexico understandably is reticent to allow foreign investors to come in and dominate the marketplace, leading to the 20% cap on foreign investments. But Mascio advocates for other ways to protect domestic ownership without stifling investment with such a stringent cap.

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