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Las Vegas Thai Restaurant Accused of Lacing Menu Items with THC

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

"I was like melting into my chair and I got all disoriented and heavy. I thought, what is happening here?" This was what alleged victim, Samantha Diaz, described after eating at Secret of Siam, a Thai restaurant in northwest Las Vegas.

As reported by, the restaurant has been accused by Diaz, her husband and several other past diners of lacing their food with THC, the main psychoactive compound found in marijuana.

A quick visit to Secret of Siam's Yelp page yields several reviews from diners chiming in with the same sentiments that Diaz had after a meal there, with some needing a trip to the emergency room and testing positive for THC.

I, for one, would appreciate the bonus two-fer being served up by Secret of Siam.

But seriously, it should be a major concern that a restaurant stands accused of polluting their food with any substance. As reported, the Las Vegas Metro Police are said to be investigating the multiple claims of Secret of Siam's food being tainted with THC.

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