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High Times Launches First-Ever Cannabis Cup North Korea

High Times, the world’s most well-known cannabis brand, is making world history yet again. Today, the company is proud to announce that it has received approval from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to host the first-ever Cannabis Cup event on the Korean peninsula. 

Diplomatic cables signal that Chairman Kim Jong-un is personally spearheading arrangements for the festivities, which should be nothing like Pyongyang has ever seen.

Little is known about the secretive, nuclear-armed state, much less about its cannabis culture. But in an act that defies the long-standing hostilities between the United States and North Korea, High Times’ bold move to host Cannabis Cup North Korea could change relations between the two nations forever.

High Times Transcends Borders to Host World-Historic Cannabis Cup in North Korea

In an unprecedented turn of events, High Times’ has been granted approval to host one of its legendary Cannabis Cups in the capital city of North Korea, Pyongyang. Fittingly, the event will run through the weekend leading up to 4/20. And while the North Korean Leadership has been keeping its plans for the festival top secret, we can offer a few teasers about what this epoch-making event has in store.

Known for its ostentatious demonstrations of military prowess, Cannabis Cup North Korea will begin, and end, with extensive military parades and fanfare. Rumors circulating out of Pyongyang suggest that Kim himself will commence the Cup by taking a rip from a massive bong designed to be a perfect 20:1 replica of the country’s new Pukguksong-3 intercontinental ballistic missile. 

High Times Cannabis Cups always offer attendees live music by top artists, delectable food trucks with infused offerings, rides, games, VIP experiences, giveaways and a completely legal environment for buying and consuming cannabis in all of its glorious forms. We don’t know exactly what North Korea’s take on this formula will be, but we are excited to see what the country has to offer in terms of cannabis. Our editorial team has been informed that strain entries include Kim Jah Kush, Sinuiju Star, Dosi-Daemacho, and the coveted Worm Skunk.

The North Korean government assures us that its unique landrace strains, virtually unknown to the outside world, are simply the greatest, most beautiful and perfect cannabis plants on earth. High Times has been told that entries for the Cup have been hand-cultivated by OG Supreme Leader Farms and all strains test above 98% THC, as well as incredibly high marks for every other cannabinoid both known and yet to be discovered by the outside world.

James Franco, Dennis Rodman Among Celebs to Attend Cannabis Cup North Korea

It’s hard to know what goes on in the mind of the reclusive North Korean leader, but the list of performers and celebrities slated for this month’s Cannabis Cup in Pyongyang hint that the typically bombastic Kim Jong-un is mellowing out when it comes to international relations.

In fact, Kim has requested that famous stoner James Franco be among a list of VIP celebrity guests to perform on the event’s main stage and hang out with the North Korean leadership throughout the festival. 

Back in 2014, the state-run Korean Central News Agency promised “stern” and “merciless” retaliation against the United States if it allowed Sony Pictures to release Franco’s comedy, The Interview. North Korean ambassador to the United Nations Ja Song-Nam condemned the film, in which tabloid-TV hosts Dave Skylark (James Franco) and Aaron Rappaport (Seth Rogen) are hired by the CIA to assassinate the North Korean leader, as “an act of war” and “the most undisguised sponsoring of terrorism.”

But in an effort to make peace with Franco and to show that he’s “way more chill now,” Kim Jong-un is looking forward to smoking up with James and other celebs. Franco is also expected to perform a live reading of excerpts of The Interview, which Kim Jong-un now lists as one of his favorite American movies. 

It probably comes as no surprise that Dennis Rodman will also be on the VIP guestlist for Cannabis Cup North Korea. Rodman, who has visited the DPRK several times since 2013, counts Kim Jong-un among his lifelong friends, saying that Kim is “cool and pretty nice.” Hosting a High Times Cannabis Cup definitely earns the Great Leader some bonus cool points in our book. 

Rodman will also be promoting the weed-based cryptocurrency PotCoin, with a special event tent where attendees can earn PotCoin simply by sampling various cannabis products. 

This isn’t the first time Rodman has promoted his cannabis crypto on a trip to North Korea. In fact, The Worm attended the historic 2017 summit between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Singapore, where he hyped PotCoin as a solution to world peace. Rodman also touts PotCoin, one of several cryptocurrency tokens dedicated to marijuana, as a banking solution for the global cannabis industry.

Kim Jong-un Names President Trump “Judge of Honor”

Continuing their burgeoning love affair, Chairman Kim is also planning to roll out the red carpet for President Trump, whom he has named “Judge of Honor” for the Cannabis Cup contest. 

Beleaguered from his ongoing battle against the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the United States, Trump says he’s looking forward to attending the Cannabis Cup and especially, returning to his roots as a judge of pageants and contests. 

High Times is to understand that Kim Jong-un is claiming credit for growing and producing all of the cannabis products for the Cannabis Cup contest, and will thus be the only official entrant in the competition. The Divinely Perfect Comrade Kim Jong-un is looking forward to winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in all product categories. But the North Korea state news agency reports that the chairman is most proud of his proprietary Indica strain, Nuclear OG.

Tickets for the Cannabis Cup North Korea will not go on sale, but instead, state officials will be happy to provide tickets for those willing to immediately renounce their American citizenship, as well as accept bribes for entry, and in return for not imprisoning attendees under the country’s reportedly harsh anti-drug laws, this may be a one way trip to cannabis paradise.

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