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150 pounds of marijuana seized at Dulles airport in days prior to 4/20 'holiday'

The 100 packages seized just days before the holiday when the drug is most heavily used put a damper on the UK's celebrations.

DULLES, Va. — The unofficial holiday for revelers of the country's most talked about herb has now come and gone. But some folks across the pond looking to partake in the festivities were met with disappointment and sobriety on Wednesday, 4/20, the day many consider to be the 'high holy day' for marijuana smokers.

While it may be legal to possess and obtain in an increasing number of states across the country, including many jurisdictions in the DMV, U.S. Customs and Border Control is reminding folks that it is still illegal to ship weed overseas. Between April 16 and 17, CBP Agents at Washington Dulles airport seized 100 parcels being shipped to London addresses containing an astounding 150 pounds of the so-called devil's lettuce.

It appears Mary Jane's last dance was the customs office at IAD, as photos released by CBP show the haul was opened and counted during routine outbound mail inspections. Officers intercepted 80 packages of ganja coming from the Golden State of California, another 15 sinsemilla parcels from the sin city of Las Vegas, and five bundles of the sticky icky from Seattle.

The drug is still considered illegal to possess without a medical card in the UK, so the major seizure spared the brits of getting criminalized for obtaining the wacky tobbacy.

According to CBP, across the country roughly 4,732 pounds of drugs are seized every day at ports of entry by air, land, and sea. They claim to have over 64,000 employees and nearly 900 K9 teams looking to help protect harmful substances from coming into the United States.

“The internet has essentially created a singular marketplace where consumers can buy anything from anywhere across the globe; however, Customs and Border Protection reminds consumers and vendors that those transactions and commodities must still comply with applicable U.S. laws,” said Daniel Escobedo, Area Port Director for CBP’s Area Port of Washington, D.C.

The federal agency says in the end the confiscated jolly green goods will indeed be lit, but only to be destroyed 'in a lonely blaze' according to officials.

Here in the region, a D.C. tax holiday around 4/20 and free medical cannabis cards available through the week have attempted to encourage more legal sales. Virginia started recreational sales of legal chronic back in July of 2021.

Maryland, while legal to take a trip on the fog train for medical purposes, is the last in the DMV to pass recreational legalization. However, Marylanders will decide on recreationally puffing and passing at the ballot box in November.

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