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Give the gift of good vibes with the “Connoisseur Box” Collection, a meticulously curated box featuring products sourced from local farmers, as well as our own private label cannabis brands.


Each product has been hand-selected by our budtenders for your personal satisfaction. This curated process attempts to ensure an extensive quality assurance process that focuses on our standards of quality, efficacy, accuracy, and safety.


When picking your collection please mention in the notes section if you would prefer Sativa, Indica, or Hybrids.


******Your box may include a combination of the products below*** 

$325 monthly value 


* 3 Pre Rolls

* 2 top tier strands 4grams in weight total

*Rolling Papers

*Custom Lighters

*Custom Stickers Packs & or Patches 

*Edible Snack/Tincture/

*1 gram of concentrate 

* Glass Pipe

*Variety CBD Products  

*Hemp Products 

*Delta 8 Products 

*Cleaning Kits

*Vaporizer Products 

VIP Box 3 Months (Connoisseur-Box)

Price Options
Save 50% of all products
$500.00every month for 3 months

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