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@flightpathco made this review possible and turned me on to some of the best cannabis in the game, blessed for these review opportunities!


Aroma: 90/100
sweet mushy banana cream terps, And the cream comes off in a heavy dough flavor, with baked cookie and pie crust notes. then it has an herbal musky background with a milligram of dry cheese. Rubber terps (not burnt rubber). Sweet & creamy Ice cream / Lollypop flavors. When broken open, the skunky freezer burnt fruity gelato ice cream terp escapes. Aftergrind has more creamy but slightly sweeter- mushy banana, with heavy cookie dough flavors, hidden earth and wood, and lemon pine gas.


Appeal: 95.5/100
2 nug eighth one being a monster cola, semi-foxtailed cones stack in dense layers with an upwards chunky build. Sticky moist & fresh but properly dried. Frozen stiff crisp finish. resinous and sappy, nugs have green bases and green inners, with purple/ blue outsides. dark neon orange pistils give the nug a sherbet genetic look. Outside trichs have combo of longstalks/bigheads & longstalks/smallerheads. inside trichs are glorious, perfect long stalks and huge wet heads giving the nug the salted look. Leaf2nug ratio: All nug!


Smoke 96/100 & taste 90/100
Pure white fluffy ash, fattest of terp rings. Resinous. Clean af and pleasant. Sweet and creamy, mostly herbal musk and some spice, some florals, fruity ice cream sherbet gelatos. With the creamy dough & baked cookie / pie flavors next. Then the banana terps hidden in the musk. lemon pine citrus gas. (Mint? Hops? Chocolate?)


Effect 94/100 & potency 94/100
Very potent, effects settle 5-6 puffs in… 1.3g cone had me RIPPED for 2.5 hours. Very heavy body change. Relaxing heavy melty & couch locked. Mind is hazy and Stoney with good head change. But a clear headed focus remains present during the buzz. But ends sleepy and rested. Appetites increased. Pain and nausea relief. Calming.


Overall: 94.25/100
Coming out the gates swinging for the fences!


Review provided via @TheHighestCritic 

Banana Cream Jealousy


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