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This strain comes with a sticky, thick and resinous bud with its unique white trichomes. When you properly cure for these strains flowers, will produce curly leaves with corn-like appearance.


The leaves of this hybrid are small to medium and it is an Indica hybrid with densely model type of buds. 


When you inhale this cannabis, from your head to toe, you will feel euphoric, relaxed and uplifted suitable to help you get over any mood swing of the day and has a sweet, and berry. 


The deep soothing effect you will get from this strain helps in relieving from mild to chronic pain, aches, insomnia while helping you to enjoy super duper relaxing sleep.

 It is very therapeutic for patients with mild to severe migraine, nausea, and arthritis. 


  • 8th $50.00
  • Qtr $100.00
  • Hlf $160
  • Whl $310



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