Abra Cadabra is a Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain. Abra Cadabra has THC levels of around 18% and delivers an energetic boost, which makes it a good strain to smoke when doing outdoor activities. Abra Cadabra marijuana strain has green buds and orange colored hair. When smoking Abra Cadabra, you will taste earthy flavors mixed with a citrus flavor. Because Abra Cadabra has a THC of 18%, it is the strain to use to fight depression, stress, and insomnia. Abra Cadabra is good for daytime use.


Type of High

Abra Cadabra cannabis strain delivers a strong Sativa head and body buzz. Midway through, Abra Cadabra gives you an energetic boost, which will make you feel like Harry Potter. Abra Cadabra then finishes off with a relaxing, calming affect.


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